Just like Robin Hood


"When I grow up I want to be Robin Hood I'll go into the mysterious forests in Sologne with my donkey and I'll sleep in a wooden cabin".

Make your childhood dream come true ...


Level: Very easy

Suitable for all family

Accommodation: Out of the ordinary overnight stay at the L'heureux hasard campsite in a wooden cabin.

Weekend "Reconnect with your inner child"

2 days / 1 night


From 210 € - 1 donkey - 1 night in the cabin (price based on 2 adults and 2 children)*


Our little explorers, accompanied by their pack donkey will discover the plants and animals to be found in our woods and meadows and their mission will be to discover the animals tracks in the forest (handbook provided).


Using a compass and map our adventurers in the making will guide you to the forest ranger on the estate who will enrich the discoveries and show the way to even more.


In true family Robinson style, dinner is cooked on an open fire, stories are told around the campfire and you'll fall fast asleep in a real wooden cabin "made by the forest ranger", the croaking of the frogs and the hooting of the tawny owl will be your lullaby in the background !


You'll make lots of memories during the entire weekend!


* An additional donkey costs 50 euros

   Accommodation - "Robin Hood" Cabin : reduced rattes from 3 nights

Step by step... Day 1 -  8 km trek (4 miles)

>  Welcome the evening before, or during the morning by les ânes de Madame


> Meet your walking companion: getting him ready, brushing him, putting the packsaddle on the donkeys back, itinerary explanation and first lessons about how to drive your donkey.


 > Departure for the hike:


Walk with your donkey or sit on his back, you'll take winding trails in the Cheverny forest and learn to recognize the trunks and the leaves of the oak, the birch, the Scots pine, or the beech tree. So many swords to be made!!


Enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature, why not build a wooden hut, pick a bunch of pretty wild flowers, make a sword, or just do nothing at all ... relax and enjoy this calm and quality time spent with family in the forest.


A day in the countryside in the shade of hundred year old oak trees.


Night at the l'Heureux hasard campsite - "Robin Hood" cabin


Day 2: 10 km hike (4 1/2 miles)

> Preparing the donkeys


> Departure during the morning


The forest in Cheverny still hasn't revealed all it's secrets ...

From small puddles to dikes and large ponds, our adventurers in the making will discover the aquatic world!


Plan ahead

> Day 1: picnic lunch and evening meal - cooking is possible in the cabin (hotplate, dishes) - Breakfast next morning (fresh bread can be ordered and regional products available on site)

 > Day 2: picnic lunch


 Continue your hike: 

Choose from:

+ 2 extra days "Hidden treasures"

+ 2 extra days: A night at the castle trek



Now, all you have to do is to pack your bags... Here are some tips and practical advice too prepare your hikes.

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