Our overnight hikes


These holidays are like no others, and you'll have great memories afterwards

Hiking with a donkey changes everything. Walking with a donkey means walking with soul. You adapt your pace to his, when he stops you take the time to admire the view, to observe nature.


Donkeys are excellent travel companions. Even children who don't like walking very much, have been known to cover up to to 10 km per day (6 miles)!

The donkey is the carrot that keeps your children going with a smile!


The Loire Valley, an ideal spot for beginner hikers ..

Ideal for family hiking with small children, the Loire Valley has hiking trails that are suitable for everyone ...


You'll never be far from a castle, but nevertheless far from it all, you will travel along little forest paths, go through small villages and meet the locals.


Our hikes are a delightful blend of nature, culture and terroir.


 Trips lasting several days are possible in the company of the donkeys from Les ânes de Madame


A weekend, or 3 to 7 day trips

A weekend, or 3 to 7 day trips, your wish is our command!


If you tell us what you want, how you like to hike, your children's ages, your choice of accommodation, we will propose a suitable trip according to the season and the availability of the accommodation.


Here are some examples of turnkey packages that invite you to discover the beautiful nature and cultural heritage of both the Loire Valley and Sologne ...


Nature Loire Valley - Donkey treks - Overnight hikes - Nature and terroir circuit
Nature Loire Valley - Donkey treks - Overnight hikes - Hidden treasures of the Loire Valley circuit
Nature Loire Valley - Donkey treks - Overnight hikes - Robin Hood circuit

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